Episode 47 - In Closing

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Hi. Do you remember this blog? I think it's clear that I don't always. I guess if you're reading this then you must be a fan, or you're incredibly bored. Either way, for your dedication I grant you another episode. Why do I feel like I'm holding your grandmother hostage? Either way, here's the new episode. You're welcome.


The above image was not stolen from lifehackers, and I made no alterations to it whatsoever. And I'm not lazy... ok, the last one was a lie.

Opening theme: Europe - The Final Countdown

Ending theme: Nomak - Anger of the Earth

I should mention, Chris ( CJ Hitchcock from AMR) stops by to give a more balanced view, and by balanced I mean preventing me from giving Panty and Stocking every award. Thank you CJ. Looks like 2011 will be an even better year, seeing how everything goes to shit in 2012, so we gotta watch all the cartoons we can before we die. But for now, relax, take a load off, listen to the best podcat insanity can buy, and then leave a comment. it's good for you, make you grow hair on your chest.

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