Episode 10 - Double $$ Digits Baby!!!

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I'm really happy how this episode turned out. I think it caries a nice trigun theme to it. If you haven't already guessed, I review Trigun in this episode, but due to the upcoming movie, i try to keep the spoilers down, but be warned.

Download it here

Songs in this podcast are:

H.T. - Trigun OP
Tsubasa wo Kudosai - MUCC
Run Rabbit Junk - Yoko Kanno
Fool's Paradise - Tsuneo Imahori

I added BGM (back ground music) in with this episode to make it sound a little batter and such, so let me know how it turned out, good or bad. And just so you know how awesome Super Robot Taisen, here's a pic to show you

Pure win. Anyway, here's my e-mail

Enjoy the show.

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