E3 - Nintendo overview

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Watch it here

Nintendo Started with Super mario Bros Wii, and let me say, this loos good. This ok Super mario on the SNES but more polished and for the Wii. You can play competiviely or co-op anywere in the game. On sale worldwide in time for X-mas this year.
They also anounced Red Steel 2, of wich i don't care much for, but non the less i'm sure it will do fine.

Nintendo then moved on, boasting thier bigger third party sales for Wii (comming in 1st place) and DS (at 2nd).

We were then giving a preivew to the next Kingdom Hearts, which looks to be more of the same. im sure a lot of the KH fans are creaming themselves over this. Along the same lines, Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers looks like it'll be a good RPG for the Wii (a needed adition if I do say so myself).

The Italian Plumber then stuck again with Mario + Luigi : Bowsers Inside Story. Much like the other DS Mario Titles, this seams to combine the best of the top and bottom screen, along with the tough screen. Looks like they used the DS to its fullest with this title, but i've been wrong before.

Then, i had a bombshell go off in my pants. Golden Sun DS was anounced. It's everything that Golden Sun fans want, and more. With 3D graphics and what seams to be the origanal score remastered, this is a jewel for all gamers. My DS is gonna see some use with this.

The next Pheonix Wright , I mean, Women's Murder Club hits the DS as well. Cop the Recruit, an anime looking game with meh gameplay, was also showcased, joy. Style Savy was also anouced. It's the fashion desingers dream. This will bode well for girl gamers (and guys fap fap fap).

Flip Note Studio is coming to the DSi. So now you can make movies on you DSi and share them with the world.

Donkey Kong vs Mario: Mini's March Again, and Wario Ware: Do it yourself share level design and upload capablities. Wario Ware hits the download on June 8. More Mario mini games for you Mario adicts out there.

Legand of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was there and playable. Choo Choo. I'm not to crazy about the trains and shit, but if this plays like it did in Phantom hourglass it'll be a fun game. But still....Trains? *sigh*

Wii Vitality Sensor - shows things such as nerviousness (may be used to help you fall asleep and relax) Who knows what this is about? Another gimmik I think.

Mario Galixy 2 - the first Mario game to be a second 3D instalment on a Nintendo console. Looks to be more of the same, jumping around in 3D with a rapid moving camera.

New FPS's, The Conduit and Dead Space Extraction, hit the Wii for older playes, but only time will tell how there will turn out. im not a big fan of Wii FPS's, but these are bigg titles, and may get more love and care the the previous FPS on the console.

Then the gods of Nintendo blessed us. I feel unworthy to even blog about the heavenly creation that is Metroid: The Other M. The guys of Team Ninja came and beefed up Metroid, not only in looks, but in gamplay. Since we wont be seeing a new Ninja Gaiden anytime soon, we'll have to settle with Metroid; but thats not a problem : ) Metroid: The Other M is just as i said, Metroid in a Ninja Gaiden style. The visuals are orgasmic, making me want to be in the game. Samus looks to be getting more story and depth to her character, a nice addition to the franchise.

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