Episode 15 - Start of the Summer Anime months part 1

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Hello again. This time i have managed to put out an episode weekly, so hats of to me for finaly doing my job correctly. So in this episode i don't review anything, but I do give a prievew of some of the new anime that has come out. This week its Canaan, an action packed anime with a kick-ass plot. Enjoy

Download here

I would givew you guys a listen online option, but my player seems to have exploded itself, so dont blame me.

Songs are:
Steel Samurai theme - Phoenix Write
Economical Shopers - The World Ends With You
Jumping Jack Flash - Elite Beat Agents

Here's the New Trailer for the Iron Man Wolverine and Hulk anime. All these films are being animated by madhouse, however, Planet Hulk is being animated mostly here in the states. So i guess that makes it American anime?

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Oh you want to cut a deal with the One Piece Podcast? I may know someone is a semi-frequent guest on there...

You raged on the wrong guy when you talk about Bleach. Kubo Tite is who I am sure you were referring to, but I think some of that rage can be shared by both authors.

ya, i thing i said kishi instead of kubo, but whatever, if they both didn't suck it wouldn't have happened