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Im not sure exactly what this is... but its awesome. Before i tell you exactly what IU'm talking about, let me tell you a story. I was looking up my fave summer ED (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, from Bakemonogatari) and i noticed the artist's name; [supercell]. NOw, like most ppl would do, i did a google search, seeing if i could hear more songs from this artist, but what i found wasn't much, so i just decided to see if i could find anything they had on the net. What i came up with was a video on Youku (a japanese video hosting site: the japanese version of youtube if you will). Not only did the video look good, but it sounded good as well.

oh wait, i forgot to mention, it was a AMV of sorts, not something i was expecting, but still, i gave it a shot. And im glad i did.

So after that, i thought, 'wow, josh, that was one hell of a song, not to mention the art was breathtaking. I need to get more of this.' So i did just that, i searched for what supercell was exactly, was it a band, a studio, anything? what was it? I still dont know what it really is, butt i do know that it has some sort of connection to Miku Hatsune videos. im not sure of any of the names of the songs (since my japanese is below a pre-schooler's) but i do know that i liked it enough to keep looking.

For those of you who dont know, Miku Hatsune is a character that sings using the Vocaloid synthesizer that was developed by the Yamaha Corporation. And as far as i can tell, Hatsune is mainly used to make J-Pop songs for anime and such, and is not the only character that is used in Vocaloid videos(tho she is my fave by far). Since she's appeared, she's been in anime such as Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei, and games like 13-sai no Hello Work DS (never played, but i might now).

All of the songs that Hatsume has done have been packaged into an album titled Re:package, and then a second album, Re:MIKUS. Of which contained remixed songs from already existing artists such as Supercell. The popularity of Vocaloid's digital music star has reached hights of reality. A good example of this was a concert where Hatsume performed 'live' w/ Gackt (another favorite of mine). i can't say I've seen it, but boy, does it sure make me want to.

So anyway, thats the WJS from Shikon.
Here's a better explaination than what I've given, but i think i said my piece.

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