I lost count of the Episodes, so this is Season 2

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Ya, as the title says, I can't remember what ep this is. And even though I could look it up (hell, this is my blog), I'm just going to start a news season. So here you go, new podcasting. With me are my fellow 3JP members, Brie-chan, and SpiralXWarrior. Also, Doctor from the SSAA podcast is also a guest star in this awesome episode. So with all these awesome people compansating for a bad host, this is going to be the best episode ever...if I didn't have mic issues.


Music in this podcast are:

Kick it Out - Boom Boom Satalites
I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness
(Insert song) Amuro Forver - Gundam ED
Linda Linda - The Blue Hearts

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