Season 2 Episode 4 - You are quite upside down

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Hey guys, i got a month old episode for you. Since my blog is being featured on Anime3000 for the time being, i guess I'd better start being more into the podcasting thing. So i added some numbers and stuff for fun. Enjoy.

0:00-1:20 Opening: Upside Down – Kuchu Buranko OP

1:20-6:30 News:
Planet Hulk
Bakemongatari Sales numbers vs Eva
Ace Attorney Investigations

6:30-23:00 Kuchu Buranko Review

23:00-24:00 Pokemon Promo
Give me ideas dammit!

24:00-24:58 SSAA Podcast
See Doc, I can do show notes too

25:00-48:14 What I’ve been reading and Watching
It’s episode 4
Naruto: Danzo’s Penis and fighting Sasuke
Bleach: Interesting? Aizen Battle and how long this shit is
One Piece: Pirate dudes longer than a Bleach fight
Seitokai no Ichizon: Drop it like it’s hot
Aoi Bungaku: You must be this tall to enter this ride
Katanagatari: Am I too much of an optimist?
Monster: I’m a manga dude, so I rant like a professional
Battle Royal: ARRRGGGHGH flashback, I DON’T CARE
Pokemon Episode Ideas: problems and solutions

48:15-1:01:15 Game Time
Persona and Shin Megami Tensei
Persona 2 Remake not Rehash
Persona 1 is broke, kinda like Persona 2
Devil Survivor ewwwww music
Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth style
Wee Rant: Tasunoko vs. Capcom vs. Metal Gear Solid 4
Jump Ultimate Stars

1:01:16-1:02:21 Lookin’ Forward to some stuff
Baka to Test to Shonakju
Gundam Unicorn (ya, this was recorded before the 6th)

1:02:16-1:05:23 Ending: Rise Up – Lotus Juice

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