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Another episode with no review (I kinda like doing these episodes). However, if you want to hear some news and just my thoughts on the stuff I’m watching then you’ll enjoy this. Oh and obligatory “We’ve got a great episode this week folks!” Enough of the crap, here are the links and notes. Oh yeah, because it’s all what I’ve been reading and watching it’s spoiler heavy.
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0:00 - 1:32 Opening: Jet Black Stare – Ready to Roll

1:33 – 7:00 News Off the Top of My Head
Battle of the Koma!!!
Bakemonogatari Numbers
Nick Simmons…why?

And since I have nothing to review…

7:01 - 29:23 What I’ve Been Reading and Watching
Black Jack
Ruroni Kenshin VIZ Big Edition
Angry White-Man Rant: Flopped Manga
Re-watching Evangelion
Gurren Lagann Laggan-Hen
Winter Series
Baka to Test to Shokanju ep8
Inuyasha Final Act ep14,15, and 16
Toriko kills Pokemon

23:24 - 52:29 Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece Updates

23:35 – 33:19 One Piece is Disappointment?!
33:20 – 42:44 Naruto is ‘Moving’…with clichés
42:45 – 52:15 Bleach Gets the GOLD STAR

SSAA Podcast Like the new site. Looks good Doc
Araknamedia Thanks for the free manga

53:30 – 1:17:20 After Eating
Durarara ep9
Kimi ni Todoke On Hold
Desha Otoko Thanks to Araknamedia
Cowboy Bebop
Gantz is Addictive
Fair Tale
Soul Eater
Tsubasa and xxxHoLic Ended
Gundam Unicorn ep1
Bakemonogatari ep14

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

1:17:45 - 1:20:23 Games
Miles Edgeworth
Persona FES

1:20:25 – 1:23:18 Ending Notes
Bakuman in Shonen Jump
Join Up With Anime3000

1:23:19 - 1:26:50 Ending: Baka Go Home - milktub

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