S2Ep9 - Nostalgia Strikes Back

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After the events of part 1, Josh gathered his remaining forces in attempt to discover the cure to anime nostalgia. His party includes Doctor and Peterson from the SSAA Podcast, and Professor Otaku from the DesuDes Brigade. Armed with the knowledge of Japtoons new and old, they traverse grounds long forgotten by time… or some other bull-shit like that. So with this being part two, please go and listen to part one, it will change your life.




Opening: Who Knows? – Prefuse 73

1:20 – Opening Remarks

2:00 – SSAA Podcast Feel free to host you’re part of the episode anytime bro

2:51 – Discussion & Introductions
What are some old anime?
Is watching older anime essential to credibility? Old fag?
What is a fan? A miserable little pile of secrets!
Credibility what’s that?
Comparing anime
Watch shows because you want to

55:02 – Halfway mark

55:44 - Discussion & Introductions
Black Lagoon vs Cowboy Bebop
Old anime? Dubs?
In defense of Macross7
Separation of generations, fanbases through time
Next savior of manga? Do we still have the talent today?
More Slayers, with Moe
Visit DesuDes Brigade

2:01:34 – Closing Remarks
2:02:52 – Ending: GOGO POWER RANGERS! – Masaki Endoh

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