Season 2 Episode 6 - Inuyasha: Final Act?

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All right, all right, I know I haven't done a proper review for a while, and then you finally see one and its good ol' lackluster Inuyasha, but bear with me, I was in some pain at the time. My knee is better now for those who care.

I want to through out some promos in my next show, so if you want to hear your promo then you need to send it to me. You might notice that the site is looking a little different, that's because it is. You can find my email link in the upper right corner now, next to my RSS feed as well as other things for your pleasure. For those of you who have sent me your promo (like the SSAA Podcast for example) I will have it played in my show.

I know I don't have any show notes, and that's because I am currently writing a paper, so you'll have to do without for now. I've got a big episode planned next, so stay tuned. Oh, and enjoy the poorly photoshopped fangirl pic.

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