S2 Ep15 - Thursday on Friday w/ CJ Hitchcock

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I was lucky enough to have CJ Hitchcock from Anime Movie Review to help me talk about Katsuhiro Otomo’s anthology, Memories. Please excuse the background noise; don’t worry, it’s not World War III. Make sure you visit CJ’s site, and watch his videos.


Opening 0:00 – 1:35 Eyes of the Panther – Steel Panther
Not only do you name you band after a big cat, but you make it one of the strongest metals known to man. Bad-Ass.

1:35 – 21:36 News

Live action Priest
Gantz Trailer
Green Lantern His name is John Stewart by the way
2nd Super Robot Taisen Anime this Fall
And here’s HeroClix Love that game
Shinji Aramaki a.k.a. Directing Jesus
OneManga is dead…in a week
Crunchyroll doing manga

21:36 – 22:24 Reverse Thieves Speakeasy Podcast

22:25 – 23:16 SSAA Podcast Get well soon bro

23:16 – 23:50 Friday on Thursday – General Fuzz

23:51 – 44:16 Review of Memories
Buy Memories
Katsuhiro Otomo and his works
I’m going to have to review those Digimon movies

44:17 – 44:48 Friday Ace Sad face about no new episode

45:49 – 46:43 A3K Bonus Round

43:43 – 47:12 Fly Gundam – Animetal Marathon I

47:13 – 1:21:49 What We’ve Been Reading and Watching
Damn muthafuckas, stop watching Grey’s Anatomy in the background

Heroic Age
Space Battleship Yamato
Speed Racer
And there goes the 4Kids ranting…
Pokemon the lost episodes
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Black Lagoon
Go Nagai stuff
Cyber Six here’s the opening
CJ’s Highschool of the Dead video
Back to Digimon

1:21:50 – 1:22:40 Summer Freak - FLOW

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