S2 Ep 23 - Juon

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October, the month where Animeshon gets scary…more than usual anyway. This month Josh takes a look at Ju-on, the first two direct to video J_Horror films that took the world by storm, or something like that. If you’ve seen The grudge, then you’ll get a lot out of this episode, as Josh covers the original movies that started it all.
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0:00 – 1:56 Opening Juon theme

1:56 - 8:40 News Blitz
Gackt goes Berserk
Toriko & One Piece Double-Billing
Production 00shi
Durarara! 12.5
CatShit for Everey One
Get Your Guns On
Do As Infinity
K-On gets a movie

SSAA Podcast

11:17 – 34:48 Juon Review
Juon 1
Juon 2

36:08 – 42:54 Future Plans

42:54 – 44:00 Juon Ending theme

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