Animeshon 5

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In this one I give my review of Claymore, an anime based of a manga with hot chicks killing monsters with big swords.

Download it here, just Click the Download Button

or visit the site directly here

Here are the show notes:

and my promised link of Unit 05:

and i'll toss in the Making of the Gundam link for good mesure:

Anyway, I talk a lot about manga, a nice change from my mostly anime based podcast. I give a review of Nrauto and Bleach this time, and it was on time when i recorded it, so it may not be now >_>

But nontheless, i have caught up with Tsubasa and am reading xxxHoLic along with Soul Eater.

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I really hope I sent it to the right email.

Yes, you did, and thank you very much. I'll try an respond asap, but I cant write everything I want to say atm, but nonetheless i will respond.