Episode 4 is up

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In this episode I take a dump on Neon Genesis Evangelion and give a preview of Dragon Ball Kai.

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I'll cut it down for you, basicly if you want to watch Evangelion just watch the Death and Rebirth movie. DO NOT WATCH EPISODES 25 AND 26. However, you may want to watch the Rebuild of Evangelion 1.1, that is actually worth your time.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to my new partners over at the SSAA podcast, thanks for the help guys.

Songs in this podcast are as listed:

Soul Eater opening
Beautiful World - Utada Hikaru (also the ending theme of Evangelion 1.1)
SS Vegta theme - Dragon Ball Z
Hanabi - MUCC
Howling - Abingdon Boys School

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I actually didn't mind the last episodes of the series. I had to put this different mind set to get it, but I understood at the end. Sure the first movies were made to piss the haters off, but there was enough merit a good show overall. If anything, I enjoyed the several different takes of the series in all the different mangas I have read.

Now I have to rewatch the show for research. Hopefully, the final product will end well.