Episode 9 -Zombie Powder

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Well, this episode could have been much much ....more, but I'm still happy with it. In this episode I talk about Zombie Powder and how much Bleach could have been awesome-er if it was like it. Well, nevertheless, it gets an excellent, it really was awesome.

Here's the episode for you.

Songs in this podcast are:
Kami no Hoshi - MUCC
Little Busters - The Pillows (FLCL)
Party Crazy - FLOW
Hohoemi No Bakudan - Yu Yu Hakusho opening

I was going to put back ground music in here, but I wasn't quite able to, due to my computer freaking out in one of its homosexual spasims. I need a new one bad. Anyway, enjoy episode 9.

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and now i leave you with this:

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The episodes are starting flow now. You think the new software change might help a bit with the noise. Make sure you check the individual track and use the noise reduction feature.

Other than that you gave me an idea about what Zombie Powder is about. I might check it out later.