Card Saga Wars - A game that all of us need to play

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Who would win, Solid Snake or Master Chief? Cloud Strife or Samus Aran? Soma Cruz or Chung Li? Video games not your thing? How about anime characters then? Edward Elric or Sasuke Uchiha? Goku or Inuyasha? Can Spider-man can win against Magneto? I can answer most these questions due to educated assumptions and a lot of knowledge about the characters, but what if you actaully want to see them fight? But what fi you want to play as one of the characters? Then you need to play Card Saga Wars.

Card Saga Wars is a mugen spinoff. And what does that mean? Well, it means that its a fan-made fighter game. Of course mugen fans will know that you can make and add characters acording your deisre, however, this seem slike you'll have nearly every character from just about any game at your disposal. Well, maybe not every character, but at least one character from every game series, anime, and even some comic-book heros. Myabe you're saying, "Well, i could do that in mugen already. Why do i need this?" One word, structure.

Here's the main site

The project has been running now for a long time (since '07) and has been delayed due to bugs (which I'm asuming are because mugen is flawed). But if all goes well, we could have it sooner rather than later (asuming you just started waiting for it).

So, without further adieu, I present the fifth trailer:

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