Animeshon Episode 8 - Black review of non-anime things

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Well, another week, another episode. This one is about something Black, its wet, and a cick uses both hands. No, it's not Bible Black, its Black Lagoon, baby! One of the best anime I've seen, and i've seen some good stuff. Anyway, the download link is below:

Episode 8 (fixed)

Songs in this podcast are as follows:
Red Faction - MELL (Black Lagoon op theme)
Plastic Cell - Matenrou Opera (good band, very talented, almost as good as MUCC)
Ride on a Shooting Star - The Pillows (FLCL end theme)

Ya, i've been kinda sick, so this may not sound as good as it should due to my cold, so you have to deal with a crappy sounding host. I'm taking sugestions, and such so feel free to mail me:

And you can reach me on

Oh, and one last thing, read the rant below you, its not hard, just scroll down, its worth it, trust me.

EDIT: It appears there were some problems w/ the audio, but I redid it, so let me know if there are any more problems

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Nice review dude. The only thing I wanna mention is how Rock actually got on the Lagoon. He was working for this company that told him to deliver this disk and he ended up being their hostage.

It seems the audio tends to skip a few times by the way.

a lot actually. you might have to recheck that dude.

hmmm, not much i can do about that, I'll see what i an do though.

All right, I think i fixed it