Weird Japanese commercials part 1 - GIGA PUDDING

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Do you like pudding? I like pudding. What's your favorite flavor? I like almost any flavor of pudding, from vanilla to chocolate to pistachio, not to mention the vanilla with the carmel topping, gotta love that. I don't care much for tapioca, it always felt like sticking a jellified, cold soup in my mouth, with hard chuncks for you to choke on. Like a death trap for the old people who eat it.

Why do i ask about one of the best foods in the world? Why am i asking if you are man enough to enjoy the tasty, colored sludge that we have for desert? Why does a Jello company own pudding? Shouldn't Jello just stick to jello? All these answers (minus the ones about the Jello) shall be answerd in due time. In fact, they shall be answered soon.

Before I answer those questions, how 'bout I ask some more? Would you like to have a serving of pudding? What if this pudding was from Japan? Would you like some then? How about it comes from old Nihon, AND comes in a pale 20 times the size of a normal serving? Are you happy now? BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!

If you've ever visited Japan, one of the first things you notice is how few fat and morbidly obese people there are. Well, that's all about to change, thanks (in no small part) to Giga Pudding.

Like I said, being 20 times the size of a normal serving, it is no small task for one man alone to devour in a single setting. Now you may be saying "So what it's 20 times what one person normaly eats?" or maybe "It's big so families can enjoy it together, not just one person." Well I'm here to show you just how bid it is. Think of Goku's Kaoken, if he went x20 with that would you call it small? What if the boobies of your average Japanese woman were to suddenly grow x20 in size? What if an ant were x20 bigger? I'll tell you, IT BE FREAKING HUGE!!! See how big the Giga Pudding is?

Oh, look, Mt. Fuji is waving at me, how sweet. So now my question is this, why does a country, were everything is smaller, sell pudding that is bigger than anything else in the secluded island nation?

Ya, i rest my case, Giga Pudding, i rest my case. You may have one this round due to your massive size, but mark my words, 20 servings later, i will take you down, mark my words.

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