S2 Ep11 - DevilScans

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As you can probobly notice, I have a bit of a cold, so don’t be surprised when you start listening if you hear James Earl Jones in place of my sultry, voluptuous voice that you’re all used to. Recording New vs Old episodes I realized that I didn’t know as much I would like about older anime and manga, so thus, with that inspiration, I started going back to build up my knowledgebase, thus I give you a review of Go Nagi’s manga, Devilman. And since there’s such a foul stench in the air with recent news of OneManga’s success, I wanted to give some solid facts, and some possibilities as to the future of the site.


Here are the show notes that nobody reads:

0:00 – 0:27 Opening comments. You have to read the manga in order to really get what I’m talking about.

0:27 – 1:58 Opening Theme
MAXIMIZER – JAM Project (because everything is cooler in caps) Their new album kicks ass by the way
1:59 – 14:34 News
Bluray Sales
Eva Bust
ADD Network

14:35 – 15:26 SSAA Podcast I want to hear something when you get back.

15:27 – 16:27 Friday Ace Your RSS Feed is broke

16:28 – 34:50 Review of Devilman
I think this might be the shortest official review I’ve ever done on my show before. Since it’s so short the best thing to do is read the manga for yourself.

34:51 – 35:39 Reverse Thieves Keep your heads held high guys, you’re still champions in our eyes

35:40 – 36:21 Skill – JAM Project (your promo here)

36:22 – 1:11:56 OneManga

Alexa numbers for IGN, Anime New Network, Animevice, and OneManga. Sine I recorded this episode Onemanga has gotten more traffic, which further proves my point.

1:11:57 – 1:12:26 Funny Walk in Old Fashion – Lupin III Dance and Drive Album

1:12:26 – 1:22:55 Reading and Watching

ZZ Gundam
Lupin III Green Jacket (I’ve been watching this show forever)
Toward the Terra
Evangelion manga

1:22:25 – 1:25:35 Closing Theme – Time After Time – Locofrank

Again, if you want to hear youself on the show just send me an email here with a link to your podcast, and I’ll be more than happy to check it out. Same goes for videos, send them to the above address and I’ll get back to you. I also do guest spots.

The summer season is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to it (mainly because I’ll get to play some Summer-ish songs) so look forward to that.

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