S2 Ep12 - Building My Castle

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With everyone heading off to AX, I sat alone and talked to myself for an hour and reviewed a classic. Exciting huh? Not to worry, while you’re out on the con floor, or stuck in a boring panel pop this episode in. Big thanks to the ADD for letting me be part of the team, so do them justice and go visit their site. I take a little bit of a look back at my brief history as a podcaster, which is funny since I’ve been around for little more than a year now.


0:00 – 1:36 Opening: Lupin III Theme 78’ – Lupin III Dance and Drive Remixes

1:36 – 14:17 News

As I mention in the show, it was a slow week.

Pay attention to the Twitter button I’ve added. Click it if you want.

Last Bakemonogatari episode came out. I loved it, I need to rewatch the series since there’s been such a long break, I loved it that much.

Want a Pokemon episode? Y/N?

14:18 – 14:35 SHAFT – Get shafted

14:36 – 15:26 SSAA Podcast have fun at the con. Still want to hear something about it.

15:27 – 16:48 Lupin III ’68 Opening 1

16:49 – 41:18 Castle of Cagliostro Review

Since the Lupin franchise is pretty diverse and lose I thought it be best to stick with only the first series Green Jacket and compare it to Cagliostro. (not to mention that’s most of my Lupin watching)

Here’s the information for Green Jacket and Castle of Cagliostro.

41:19 – 42:05 The Reverse Thieves – happy 3 year anniversary! Check out the contest they’re having to commemorate.

42:06 – 43:06 Friday Ace

43:07 – 44:07 Lupin III ’68 Opening 2

44:07 – 1:09:46 Reading & Watching

Bought Genesis of Aquarion
I’m now ‘caught up’ with Berserk
Gunbuster hasn’t really moved
Gotta love the first Digimon Movie
Durarara ended alright. Not really much of an ending, but at least they can make more if they want.

Dropping some Michel Jackson hate

Need to get caught up with Naruto, Bleach & One Piece
I mock you Regan Strongblood. Where is my last part of the mecha trinty?

1:09:47 – 1:13:03 Ending: Lupin the Third – MONKEY MAJIK

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Well well well.....
Mecha madness returns with the animelove in mere days!

and now it's already up! thanks for stopping by bro. Great show.