Animeshon S2 Ep13 - Summer Anime

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Because I love you guys so much I'm putting this episode out early. It's Summer time, and that means we're all talking about the new season, well, those of us who are trying to be cool are. Another hot day when I recorded this. I had to re-record parts several times due to cooperative computer, but it turned out well in the end.


0:00 – 1:20 Opening: Nuts Bang!!! - FLOW

1:21 – 7:58 News
Covering some new licenses from AX
CrunchyRoll doing manga

7:59 – 8:59 Friday ACE Go catch the news tip I sent in for the last episode

9:00 – 9:51 SSAA Podcast I hate Manwha, but I like you guys

9:52 – 10:37 Growning Sunflower - SPEED (instrumental)

10:37 – 32:43 Summer Anime Season

Since this recording I’ve seen HOTD (only for registered users) and Occult Acadamey. Both weren’t that bad, but you’ll have to wait for my Snap Judgements article to be posted on Anime3000 before I say anything more.

Here’s the chart I used.

32:44 – 33:15 SHAFT I liked the last episode. Awesome email.

33:16 – 34:01 Reverse Thieves

34:01 – 34:34 Flowers - Nujabes

34:34 – 47:18 Reading and Watching
Nothing much new here, rather busy trying to make things rather than watching them, but I’ll get back into the groove soon enough.

47:19 – 52:25 Ending: After Hanabi - Nujabes

I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July and got to see the fireworks. Watching them during the summer makes me feel like a kid again ^_^ Here's Heads UP! for this month like a mentioned.

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