S2 Ep14 - Busting the Mecha Gun

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This episode is literally hot off the press. Recorded, edited, and posted all in the same day, not to mention that I finished watching the review anime in the same day as well. That anime in question is Gunbuster, a short little show from GAINAX. Since last recording my Snap Judgements has been posted (and is soon to be updated), as well as Battle of the Koma!!! on A3KTV.


Opening 0:00 – 1:30 MUCC – Yakusoku (Nightraid OP)

1:30 – 15:30 News
Leaked Episodes on Youtube
Fapping = iPad?
Other stuff I’ve been doing

15:31 – 16:22 SSAA Podcast Thanks bro

16:23 – 16:54 SHAFT I will be hanging with SHAFT for the upcoming Dysfunction podcast. Good times ahoy!

16:55 – 17:23 Dragon Ash – Grateful Days

17:23 – 40:41 Gunbuster Review

40:42 – 41:28 Reverse Thieves Get a Sports Drink

40:29 – 42:22 A3K Bonus Round Yeah, that’s me you’re hearing, and yes, I’m also on the podcast. Great show, I love the music and editing.

42:23 – 43:23 Friday Ace

43:24 – 43:45 LUCKY STAR – JAM Project (yes it’s real)

43:45 – 56:48 Reading and Watching
Getter Robo, Grendizer, Mazinger Z and Devilman can all be found on the scanlation site I mentioned, Dynamic Pro Scans. Keep up the good work.

Shin Mazinger
Lupin III
ZZ Gundam
Macross 7
Digimon Xros Wars
Occult Academy
Ookami-san something something Nakamatachi

Ending 56:48 – 58:00 Animetal – Lupin III no Theme

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