S2 Ep19 - RIP Trava a New One

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My second episode with the Mike Dent style news segment. Yes, there was a lack of clips with the Trava review, mainly because 1) it's not that great and its never been dubbed and 2) there's nothing awesome about it to share. Yeah, the show was that great. I think the real highlight of the show is the news, since isn't both good and bad. RIP


0:00 – 0:57 Freeplay Music

0:57 – 12:09 News Blitz
Passing of Anime legends
How to make Anime by GAINAX
Shueisha's losses
Avi IGGundam Unicorn
Kurogane no Line…WHAT THE HELL, NEW SRT!?
Please don’t burn down your house
Studio Hippe no like Nuclear Energy
BBS at NY Anime Fest
Summer WarsBaka to Test an OVA
Crunchyroll bangs DVD

12:09 – 13:31 CJ Hitchcock’s AMR

13:32 – 14:17 Reverse Thieves + Speakeasy Podcast

14:18 – 15:05 MUCC – Panorama

15:05 – 24:22 Trava: The Fist Planet (the planet never shows up)

24:22 – 25:22 Boom Boom Satellites – Spine

25:22 – 25:14 SSAA Podcast

25:14 - 26:13 SHAFT

26:13 – 38:50 Reading and Watching
Casshern Sins

38:50 – 39:18 Emi Hiraki – Sparkle and Shimmer (Trava’s ending theme)

I’ll give a prize to the person who can tell me what movie that clip is from.

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