S2 Ep20 - Blue Flames of Passion!

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For this episode, I review Blue Flames. Damn that shit is horrible. Sorry for another late episode, work is a pain, and getting any quiet time is next to impossible, but being the awesome guy I am i managed. So please, enjoy the show.


0:00 – 1:34 Grateful Days – Dragon Ash

1:34 – 6:17 News Blitz

I’m selling out
Hetalia Meetup
Plastic Statue Gundam
Cencoroll 2
Heads Up…in audio!!!
Devilman…in audio!!!

6:23 – 6:55 SHAFT

6:55 – 7:41 Reverse Thieves I can’t thank and damn you enough, Hisui

7:42 – 8:18 Girl – Boom Boom Satellites

8:18 – 26:06 Blue Flames
As promised, here’s THE face

26:30- 27:21 SSAA Podcast You will be on…sometime when I get my act together.

27:21 – 28:22 Friday Ace

28:22 – 29:44 AMR

29:44 – 42:13 Anything that is better than Blue Flames

Kaiji Live Action
Kamen Rider The First
I also saw Conquer of Shaballa, but it wasn’t better than Blue Flames, so I didn’t mention it

42:13 – 46:00 Ryuusei - MUCC

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Congrats on the podcast upgrade. Ive been listening to A3K for some time now and its good to have something new, and it was quite good as well. After hearing your Blue Flames review, I think you should (if it hasn't already been done) find, download, and review the OVA Riding Bean. I think you will get a kick out of it.

Thanks Mack. Your wish is my command, I've got Riding Bean downloading as we speek. Expect it in the near future.