Episode 43 - Fuck Counting by Seasons & D Stands for Delay

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So I asked a question, no one answered. So i said, why bother waiting for the answer? As of now I'm keeping track of episodes the normal way. Sure it was cooler to have seasons, but it was more or less just a harder way to count things. So, now on episode 43, I tackle Vampire Hunter D, the first film, second book, and then Bloodlust. Two more weeks untill we must close the book on horror month, but we're not done yet, so enjoy the show.

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0:00 – 1:14 Opening

1:14 – 11:01 News Blitz

Kuso! Episode 4 Fanboy Attack
AMR Live Action Fist of the North Star
Kobe Awards
Eva Fap
Crunchyroll's Numbers
AIC Shorts
Gundam Subbed
Over 7.5 million!


14:00 – 36:50 Review of Vampire Hunter D
Novels 1 2 & 3

SSAA Podcast ...parts, I'm not uite man enough yet.
Friday Ace Hang in there Mike
Reverse Thieves

40:23 – 59:39 Reading and Watching

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