Episode 44 - If I Was a Cat I Wouldn't Eat Soup

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They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I find that hard to believe, since this anime has no spoken words, and only a handful of ones written. But perhaps it's what is not said that gives this anime if flavor...and flavor is important in soup. See what I did there? As you may have seen advertised on twitter, this is in fact my birthday, and there's no better way of celebrating the occasion then watching an anime that is not only creepy, but perplexing. Enjoy guys.

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0:00 – 1:09 Opening

1:09 – 3:54 News Blitz
New SHAFT anime (no, not the Anime3000 guys)
Golden God Boy of War
Core Fighter 1/1
SRW L 10min Trailer
ANN Brings us Gundam Unicorn

SSAA Podcast I should eat some cinnimon, just to show you how manly I am.
AMR He recently did another Season Impressions video, so check it out.

7:00 – 17:53 Cat Soup

Speak Easy Podcast Digging the new layout
SHAFT Ok, Scott was the creepest opening you guys have had

20:00 – 32:54 Reading and Watching
Casshern Sins
Tower of Urk

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